» I am 46 years old who has lived on my own since my divorce. I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine Therapist practitioner. I am heterosexual and I have a partner, but we do not live together by choice.

My cousin showed me pornographic pictures when I was 9 or 10 years old. It shocked me at the time, and gave me a dirty and dominant idea of the sexual act. I did not really receive any sex education, as it was a taboo topic at home.

At the beginning of my sexual relations, it was mechanical. I did not really feel pleasure.

It is not really feminism that changed my sexuality, it is my path as a woman and my awareness to respect my body.  I question: why should I take responsibility for contraception and not my partner?

image témoignage 4

My current partner just had a vasectomy after we discussed it, and I assisted him in the process.

I was mostly sexually submissive until the age of 40. One day I awakened, and now I do not endure my sexuality but enjoy it! Since this liberation, I have felt much more pleasure…

I wish every woman could respect herself and feel respected, that women stopped taking systematic responsibility for contraception at the risk of their health! There are other options and men can have a vasectomy once they have had their children!

In our country, sexuality projects the woman as a sexual object. I want that image to change, for my children to express their sexuality freely, to respect everyone, and for my son to take responsibility for contraception. »

Anonymous testimony from France, collected by the eLLes, august 2018.

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