I am 33. University background. Grew up in a small city in Cameroon, then studied abroad. I am the last of seven kids. Lost dad when I was three. I used to be Christian but I am no more. I left the church because I think it doesn’t help people living their truth. I am a spiritual being. Very athletic with an artistic vision of life. I define myself as non-exclusive heterosexual».


I am emotionally and sexually attracted to women but there is a room for trans and men as long as our souls’ match. I am actually in a relationship with a beautiful woman. We live in Cameroon. I am against toxic monogamy. World is full of beautiful human being and people. We only live once. Why not explore other things while being a couple. This is a hard conversation to have with my peers.

I remember that I used to masturbate when I was a kid. I didn’t even know what it was until my mum yelled at me because I slept with something between my legs.

It was my blanky or a t-shirt. I really liked it. That was, I think; my first encounter with my own sexuality. I had an other experience with a man when I was 18. It wasn’t good at all. But in my mind, it was the way to go. After that I met several men. It wasn’t that bad. Sometimes really good even.

But when I first had sex with a woman I almost cried.

Women have so many barriers that they impose on themselves. I wish they can be more free with their sexuality.

I have not received an education about sex except that I should wait until marriage before thinking about it. I learned through friends, books and TV but all of that did not really help me when it was time to experience sex. I learned by doing. 

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