Being a woman who travels alone in the world

Hi, I am a globetrotter who is Belgian from Angolan and Congolese origin. I am 33 years old, passionate about adventure, travel, and decorating. I am a young woman, a working mom, and I like to travel alone. I also enjoy traveling with my child, who loves « going on adventures with his mom ». Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.


I’ve been on the move since I was a teenager, travelling through Europe with my friends or family. My first solo trip was when I was 25 years old. It’s not easy when your family circle and society want you to follow the usual routine of « commuting to work, buying a house, having children ». One day I woke up and it was like a rebirth: I believe you can have both. I like the quote « working fills your pocket. Adventure fills your soul ». Especially when you are allergic to routine.

A woman who travels alone today is a woman who decides to break all stereotypes, the taboo that a woman cannot travel alone. When you are a black woman, it is even more important.

We want to be emancipated at this level and to open the doors for our daughters. A woman who travels alone decides to go in search of new horizons. We have come a long way. Before 1920, women could not travel alone. In fact, they were on the same passport as their husbands. But thanks to Ruth Hale, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, and Bessie Coleman we took big steps forward. We are the product of this great struggle. Recently, I travelled alone to Rome, Dublin, Copenhagen and Scotland. I had mixed reactions. Some are shocked and say, « How can you travel alone? Aren’t you afraid? Don’t you have friends? » and “Your man lets you travel alone”? Or “I wouldn’t. I’m afraid I’d get bored ». I just say, no, I love traveling alone because it boosts my autonomy and my way of thinking. I find myself in situations where I have to fend for myself and have to get out of a mess. To have peace of mind, I make an itinerary that I always give to my family before leaving. I duplicate my papers in case I lose them or in case of theft. I wear a wedding ring to show that I am not alone. And I have confidence in my self and my life choices

How do I organize a trip? I’m looking for the best destinations. I try to avoid populist destinations full of tourists. You might say, but what about Rome? Lol. I didn’t stay in the center of Rome.

And above all, I avoid destinations that have a bad reputation for their behavior towards women and blacks. There are more sensitive countries. Unfortunately, my freedom ends there.

Actually, people made some comments regarding my skin color as well as my gender. Prejudice is our window to the world. Let’s clean them up from time to time or the light won’t come in. And for that, to travel is the best way.

When I travel with my son, I adopt the same safety precautions as when I am alone, however, I make more thought-through choices because the goal is to spend time together.

I encourage women to travel alone, if only once.
DO IT !!!!!! and if you see that it’s not for you, it doesn’t matter.

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