Feminist book club

Join us !

We would love to know what is your favorite feminist book ? Which book made you feel untamed ?!


Because books make us have moments of epiphany, they make us grow and deconstuct some reductive vision we learned about ourselves and others.

Books make us free, as they force us to decide : what do I believe in ? They make us travel too, travel deep into someone else’s experience. They allows us to enter in someone else’s heart. How magical is that ! 😍

I am becoming difficult. Yeah, I know, as a woman, I « should ease up » with time. BUT NO. I am becoming difficult. I want to hear about « the lost stories of women, the stories which have been marginalized and silenced. » as Sue Monk Kidd expresses so well.

So what we are going to do here is share the books that were revelations for us, in creating our identity as women. Books that helped us deconstruct gender roles, gender obligations. Books that make us BadAss women, daring women. 👏🏼🥳

➡️ Share the title and the author.

➡️Describe HOW it changed you, what you learned, what you deconstructed with this book, what made you choose this book

➡️A quote from the book that you cherish ( optional, if you don’t have the book on hand)

➡️A picture of the front cover

Feministely yours,

Céline for the eLLes.

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