SHARE YOUR STORY: being a lesbian woman who went through a conversion therapy


Brenée Brown

« We would like each of you to feel free to express yourself in your own words and language.
We are aware that when you share your story with us, you give away an intimate part of yourself which is not easy and we thank you for your courage.
We have been contacted to make interviews by women who do not master writing, for educational reasons or any other personal reason. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we can take your testimony via Skype. We have also made audio interviews and have retranscribed them. »

The eLLes’s team.

Testimony from the Ivorian Coast on female mutilations.

« Being a lesbian woman who went through a conversion therapy »

Have people tried to make you heterosexual through prayer sessions, psychological follow-ups… or – another method?

 Describe yourself as you wish. Anonymity is possible.
General personal presentation: country, city, family, religion of education, identity, sexuality, profession… Everything that defines you and that you wish to share with us, so that we can visualize you!

1) What was your first relationship with your sexuality? When did you first meet your desire for women?

2) Who did you talk to for the first time? How has your family reacted to your sexuality?

3) What is the general view on lesbians in your immediate environment? In your country ? Do you know if there are discriminatory laws against gay women in your country? (To get a general idea of what a lesbian woman experiences in your country)

4) When,in your life, did « conversion to heterosexuality » therapy begin? How would you define those therapies? Who took you there and what was the speech they brought you? Where were these reconversion therapies practiced (in a Church? With a traditionalist?)

5) How long did these sessions last? Did it had an impact on you? What emotions did you feel?

6) What did you like the most about this process? Who was with you during these therapies?

7) What differences are there in your life today? How do you relate to these people who put you through this therapy?

Your theme and family, society, the view of others.

8) Were you able to talk about it with your relatives?

Your topic and your country, the law on the issue

9) In your country is this something wrong?

Now your challenges with the theme: Your hopes, what works for you, your ideal on the theme. What you wish to see disappear – What you wish to see evolve.

10) Do you think that arrangements should be made to stop these therapies? If yes, why ?

11) A word, a message for the people who also undergo these therapies.

You can add a photo of you from behind in your city, and send it to us at this address =>

Thank you for your courage !

«  Voicing our realities will change mentalities »

Féministely yours,

The eLLes’s team

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