Become an ambassadress

The main challenge of our project is to obtain women’s stories. Not all of us have access to a personal email, internet, can or like to write, etc…

The challenge here is to know HOW to access to women’s stories, and that depends on many factors, cultural habits being one of them.

If you are a native from the country where you live, or if you are very aware of its cultural customs, we would love you to join us to enrich this project network and impact!

Your mission

  • talking about the project with other women you know would be interested.
  • trying to reach women we do not hear much about in the media like older women, younger women, women living in the countryside…
  • Create feminist gatherings with women interested in changing the situation in their town. A safe place to talk and see what can be done. Those gatherings can be inspired by the month’s testimonies.

To be an ambassadress, you must :

  • Share the project values : empowering women, feminism, equality for all, tolerance, non-violence.
  • Believe in the project
  • be willing to be proactive for the project and to be willing to learn and grow with us 🙂

We already have ambassadresses for :
Burkina Faso, Denmark, Sweden, Dubaï, Italy, Cameroon, Ivory Coast and the United States.