Our project

Les eLLes, joining under the mango trees of Ouagadougou – September 2017

The origin of the eLLes

It was during a conversation between two women, Emma, living in the Ivory Coast, and Céline in France, that this project was born.

After a few glasses of Bissap (african infusion made of hibiscus flowers) in a noisy neighborhood of Ouagadougou, our outlook was the same: although different in versions, our stories are too similar to be simple coincidences. So we wondered if our societies were oppressing us all? (in various respects, we agree).

We are together

The purpose of the project is to transcend borders and all identity considerations.

As the Burkinabe say so well: « we are together », and we wish to rise together against all forms of oppression that prevent the feminine energy from living free.

The idea here is to make an inventory of places beyond the borders, religions, nationalities, ethnic groups, sexualities… where each one can testify of their experience on the topics that interest them and which, unfortunately, concern us all.

These women’s « eLLes »* are the topics that bring us together: our place in the public space, at work, in our relationships and our family, harassment, rape, abortion, access to education, positions of power, health… The purpose is to give ourselves wings and to fight together for the respect of women, for their rights and their dignity.

So let’s give wings to ourselves!

*eLLes : play on the word Elle meaning « her » and also « wing » and is also pronounced like the letter L. If you have a suggestion for a translation in English, you are most welcome to share your ideas with us!!


– Abortion
– The culture of rape
– Street harassment
– Being a feminist
– Sex and women
– Women’s sexual pleasure
– Being a lesbian in… (Paris, Cape Verde…)
– Going to the gynecologist
– Periods
– Hairs
– The perfect body all the time, everywhere
– The mental load
– domestic violence
– Men and feminists
– Being asexual
– Transgender
– Excision

How to participate ?

➡ Communicate your theme, so that it can be relayed and we find another person from another country, who wishes to testify on the same theme.

➡Write a testimony (about 500 words), with a presentation of your background (nationality, age, sexuality, religious origin, cultural background, country of residence, family situation, profession… and anything that can help other women to imagine your context without knowing you, in order to set the frame and to make this testimony as authentic as possible, remaining anonymous of course!). Please join a photo of you taken from behind taken in your town.

➡ If you know people who might be interested in the project, do not hesitate to share this message and include them!

Femininely yours,

Emma and Céline