Share your story

We would like each of you to feel free to express yourself in your own words and language.

We are aware that when you share your story with us, you give away an intimate part of yourself which is not easy and we thank you for the courage to :

« Own your story, so the story does not own us »

as Brenée Brown, the American professor in Human and Social Sciences, says.

We have been contacted to make interviews by women who do not master writing, for educational reasons or any other personal reason. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we can take your testimony via Skype. We have also made audio interviews and have retranscribed them.

Steps and tips to write your story

Some of you have asked for some help in order to write their testimonies, so here are some tips:

– Introduce yourself: country, town, family, identity, sexuality, job… Anything that defines you and that you want to share with us, so we can visualise you.

– Your theme and yourself

– Your theme and feminism, awareness.

– Your theme and your family, society, other people’s opinion.

– Your theme and your country, the law concerning your topic.

– Your challenges with your theme.

– Your hopes, what works for you, your ideal about the theme.

Add a photo of you from behind and send tour testimony to: ellesdesfemmes@gmail.


– Abortion
– The culture of rape
– Street harassment
– Being a feminist
– Sex and women
– Women’s sexual pleasure
– Being a lesbian in… (Paris, Cape Verde…)
– Going to the gynecologist
– Periods
– Hairs
– The perfect body all the time, everywhere
– The mental load
– domestic violence
– Men and feminists
– Being asexual
– Transgender
– Excision

Enjoy !

Yours feministally

Emma and Céline